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One Rule Home is the for-profit arm of Revive Family, a non-profit devoted to bringing hope and healing to families with struggling kids. Learn who we are and how our personal stories of family turnaround and transformation can give you hope.

Meet our founder Jeff Schadt

“I was frustrated as a parent, because what I thought I knew, read and heard was not working.”  

I’ve been in your shoes: My daughter wasn’t even 9, but she was struggling. I was frustrated as a parent, because what I thought I knew, read and heard was not working.  What did that mean? She was defensive, and would argue for an hour to not be wrong. She was getting more sensitive and reactive by the day – and all the books and podcasts I looked to for answers seemed to make things worse. So I spent 3 years conducting qualitative research with (at that time) 1,500 kids – and earned a Master’s degree to boot – just to crack the code.

What I discovered was absolutely profound, and it changed everything with my nine-year-old and my three other kids! Having taken my research to heart, by age 12 she was freely admitting failures, and we were able to talk about them in a way that brought us closer to one another and that helped her learn, grow, and mature!

(I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true and it can be for you as well.)

But first, let’s rewind. Prior to founding Revive Family and writing One Rule Home I had a company. Not just any company but a ‘dot com’ that was in the same incubator as iTunes and Google. We were going through the due diligence for an IPO when the bubble burst. Then September 11th happened and, like those towers, I got crushed.

God used that crushing, and the ensuing healing journey, to redirect my talents from making money to healing my family, myself, and especially my daughter – which is why I started my research with kids. 

What I uncovered shocked me. Had no one else discovered anything like this? I knew I was onto something big, because over 1,500 kids (at that point in time) telling me the same things just couldn’t be chance. It boiled down to this: kids were struggling and becoming further entangled in the very things their parents were trying to prevent – and it was often due to an invisible breakdown in the parent-child relationship.

I had conducted this research in the context of a coalition I had assembled to address the college transition. It was made up of 65 national and regional ministries including: The Southern Baptist Convention, the Assemblies of God, Navigators, Cru, InterVarsity, and Youth for Christ. The research conclusions were hailed by the leaders – but they didn’t want to attach their brands to such a challenging message.

So, I started touring the country, presenting what I’d learned in schools and churches. The response caught me off-guard as parents began coming up to me after these seminars, begging me to help their kids. I’d say, “I can’t. I am not a licensed counselor.” But they’d respond: “You understand kids so much better than the counselor my kid is seeing! Please help us!”

Eventually, I gave in … and I was stunned to see these kids turn around from anger, motivation issues –  and even anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts – in just 6 to 9 months as I worked with them and their parents.

But I wasn’t satisfied. Helping a few dozen families a year was great – the transformations were tremendous – but there was no way I could fulfill my call to reach the youth of the whole nation working with one family at a time.

That’s why I’ve spent 18 months unpacking, downloading, and refining all the knowledge, experience and wisdom I’ve been able to gain from my work up to this point. I poured everything into our new coaching program, Leading With Love, so I could take things up a gear and help thousands of families.

This is my life’s work. Through it, God has changed me and my children in profound and incredible ways. I hope you’ll allow us the privilege of reviving your kids and family, too.

Jeff Schadt
Founder, Revive Family, Author of One Rule Home

Jeff lives in Colorado with his children Jenn, Paul and Eric, and enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, and travel. You’ll often find Jeff in his hammock working on his next book, or taking a hike in the beautiful mountain trails of Colorado.

"A profoundly important book."

Jeff Rogers, Father, Chairman of the One Accord, Founder of Kiros., Seattle

"One of the top 10 books I have read"

Dave Ritzenthaler, Founder Victorious Christian Living & Total Life Ministries

"Jeff Schadt is an incredible coach and the content of The Secrets of Influential Parenting Read More (One Rule Home) is amazing and life altering! A Different way to look at parenting that works if you stick to it and make the teachings part of your lifestyle! I highly recommend Jeff and the program!"

Annie Colman Ludlow, Parent (Online)

"Jeff's message changed the way we parented our oldest daughter, and it turned a family in crisis into a solid family where healing can occur and relationships are restored."

Bob Hernon, Parent

"I had the privilege of hearing Jeff last night at my church. I have to say, as my kids are all now mostly out of the house, Read More I wish I had heard this message 24 years ago. Jeff is spot on! Parent, shepherd and above all LOVE your kids as Christ leads and loves us. Jeff is humble, honest and passionate for our families to raise this next generation as adults. God bless Jeff! Thank you for absolutely blessing me, and through me, my kids!"

Gwen Call, Parent

"Absolutely the best solutions for parents that are available today. Show More Jeff is uniquely qualified as a leader in the field of childhood/adolescent/adult transition. Give him a try and you will not be dissappointed. He knows this territory like a faithful mountain guide."

From a pastor / campus minister and father of three

"This organization has proven skills any parent can learn how to develop that will improve relationships with their children. It has helped us communicate and connect with ours!"

Patty DeFore Ladd, Parent

"We first heard of YTN about 3 years ago and began attending seminars at local churches. Read More We brought DVD and CDS home to continue learning how to parent our three pre-teen daughters. Our transformation as a family truly began when we enrolled in classes offered at out church. With other parents, we journeyed through videos and a workbook to better understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of teenagers and how to stand beside them as guides, instead of dictators. We highly recommend this class and video series....anything from YTN! to all parents with pre-teens and teens at home."

Christina Reger Smith, Parent

"We were first introduced to YTN 3 years ago. My husband and I were very eager to implement the things we learned through Read More "Secrets of Influential Parenting" in our family. Suddenly the upcoming teen years didn't seem like something we should fear, but instead an awesome opportunity to raise adults who will go out into the world and thrive! The changes I've seen in my kids and how we parent has changed for the better since we went through the small group study. As a testament to how well it works, every time I start to butt in and take the control back that I've given my kids it always goes sour. It's amazing that when I step back and get out of the way how much smoother life is. I learned that kids want responsibility. As parents it's our job to give it to them. Of course they aren't perfect and mistakes will be made, but isn't it better for kids to learn and mess up while Mom and Dad are around? I went out of town for 10 days in November for surgery and you know what? The kids rose to the occasion and did an excellent job taking care of life while mom was gone. Making dinner, walking home from school, getting homework done before Dad got home from work... it was a pleasure to see them thrive under responsibility. That's what it's all about! I can't say enough good things about "Secrets of Influential Parenting."

Megan Tuttle French, Parent

Our Rule Home Coach Heston's Story

“Incredibly, over a short season, I saw such radical changes and shifts in my heart and my personality, that I finally began to feel free. And a wonderful bonus was that my family also made a miraculous recovery – all thanks to Jeff’s intervention.”

Growing up my family was not close. I was determined to do better, be a better parent, but I found myself repeating the same patterns I grew up with and soon I saw the same conflict and distance I grew up with in my own family. 

How on earth had I ended up here?

This kicked off a ten year journey to “fix” myself and my family. I saw counselors, coaches, and consultants. Pastors, psychologists and even psychiatrists. Even an exorcist (that’s a story)! Both for myself and my family.

These weren’t just the guy or gal down the street who’d put up a shingle. I sought out the best. From California to Georgia, Oregon to Colorado, I put my money where my mouth was. But things just did not change. In fact, one family counselor confessed they were facing the same struggles at home.

There I was: a successful business coach, tripling the size of small businesses in 18 months or less. I had a good brain, and I had all the ‘stuff’ I needed … and yet ….. And yet by the time I discovered One Rule Home, I was almost non-functional, crippled under a debilitating weight of trauma and plunging into  depression. My family wasn’t much better.

How on earth had I ended up here?

I crashed.

And that’s when I found Jeff. The first time I met with him, he told us who he tended to work with and described our family to a T before we’d even shared our situation. Then he mentioned concepts not one other expert had brought up. Including Negative Core Beliefs and how they shape our behavior from a young age, and were driving our children. 

I knew instantly: Jeff was the real deal.

I’d been searching for healing for over 10 years before I’d met him. I’d seen a long list of counselors, coaches, business consultants, and doctors all in a vain attempt to get my life under control. But the crazy thing I discovered was that getting my life ‘under control’ wasn’t what I actually needed. What I really needed was for my heart to be healed. Turns out, what my kids really needed was a dad with a healed heart, because when I healed they did too.

Jeff was able to make that happen.

Incredibly, over a short season, my family made a miraculous recovery. And as an added bonus, I saw such radical changes and shifts in my heart and my personality, that I finally began to feel free– all thanks to Jeff’s intervention.

I could never have imagined I would land here, but now I’m a coach for One Rule Home and its sister organization, Revive Family.

It was around 6 months into my healing journey when Jeff identified that I had the skills to be a great coach, so as I was completing my own healing journey, I also began training to become a One Rule Home coach as well. Now I have the joy of helping others get the same freedom and healing I’ve experienced myself.

Our story is probably more extreme than yours, but I’m almost grateful for all I went through because it enables me to relate and help others facing struggles themselves. It’s wonderful how God works all things together for good.

Heston Glenn
Coach, One Rule Home

Heston enjoys spending time with his kids and his wife, Celeste. Plus, now he actually has time for hobbies, he enjoys weightlifting, reading, and playing with his kids.

One Rule Home Online Education Developer Celeste's Story

“Desperate, we reached out to Community Mental Health and were assigned an in-home counselor. Not only did things not get any better, but they actually got worse. Even after consulting a pediatric psychiatrist, a neurologist, and yet another counselor, the situation was still careening downhill. Until we found One Rule Home”

High school valedictorian – check! College valedictorian – check! Ph.D in Math and Education – almost complete. But, inside? I hated it! I didn’t like math, and I didn’t like education. What on earth was I doing? Childhood wounds had tricked me into sidelining my real passion and becoming someone that wasn’t really me.

Well, healing takes us on unexpected journeys, and my road was no different.

Academia was the only place I’d ever felt successful, but when I had our third child, I decided it was time to leave. That’s when I launched into something completely new: I started a business creating online courses for companies like Apple and PetSmart, and government agencies like the Department of Transportation and the State of West Virginia. It was big league stuff for a woman who would have been voted “least likely to be an entrepreneur” in school. But, with my husband Heston’s coaching and guidance, I excelled.

But at the same time, things weren’t happy at home (or within me).

That same self-hatred I’d bludgeoned myself with to force myself into the mold of math and academia began to rear its ugly head again – this time as depression. Heston was also struggling, and our kids began to have a hard time.

For a number of years I’d homeschooled my children while simultaneously running the business but, despite that, I felt like I’d failed as a mom. 

And it got worse. In particular, one of our children had been burning through a stream of therapists, counselors, and psychologists since 1st grade, but nothing was helping them. By 4th grade they were showing significant danger signs of self-harm. Also signs of OCD, and even ODD, a precursor to far worse outcomes.

We’d tried so hard to help them, but nothing had worked! It was an awful situation.

Desperate, we reached out to Community Mental Health and were assigned an in-home counselor. Not only did things not get any better, but they actually got worse. Even after consulting a pediatric psychiatrist, a neurologist, and yet another counselor, the situation was still careening downhill.

But then a miracle brought us to One Rule Home.

Within months – not years – our situation with our daughter began to turn around. In fact, our whole family turned around in ways we never thought possible. Not only have the daily outbursts, fights, and sibling rivalry decreased to nearly nothing, but our kids actually enjoy their time with each other and ourselves. And my daughter struggling with self-harm, OCD and ODD? Every symptom disappeared. 

Now our kids are thriving. Being nominated for scholarships, district wide art shows, honored by their schools for the kindness and care we learned from Jeff to model at home.  

You wouldn’t believe how much our life has gone from night to day. 

Only through One Rule Home were we able to experience the healing and encouragement our family needed.

Now I love seeing how my 5 kids are growing and learning, and my confidence in parenting and life is just night and day. 

Celeste Glenn
Online Education Developer, One Rule Home

Celeste enjoys painting, reading, and hiking.

One Rule Home LLC

One Rule Home is a for-profit organization based in Colorado. Our sister organization, Revive Family is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing hope and healing to families with struggling kids.

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Meanwhile, things began to turn around for Jeff as he began applying his research at home. It all came to a head the night before Jeff was supposed to give his first sermon.

But something was still missing. Jeff could see the effect his research and methods had on kids, but he still suffered from codependency and domestic violence. In his recovery from domestic violence Jeff uncovered two keys to healing:

  • How the amygdala stores trauma in the body
  • The power of heart-level healing

Our Experience We are a non-profit called “Revive Family” that is here to help!

As parents it is easy to feel like we are failing. Yet…. it is often said we learn more from our failures, than our successes. Maybe it’s time to adopt a new and more positive perspective of your role in your kids’ lives as they transition from being a child to an adolescent and especially as they become a teen. What you learn will make a world of difference in your home.

We may feel like we are trapped, in a difficult situation, we become frustrated, lose hope, and may want to give up. The One Rule Home restores hope and shifts how we see ourselves as parents and the role we play in our kids’ lives. Whether things are going ok, or you have a challenging child, pre-teen or teen, sometimes all we need is to see our situation differently.

The One Rule Home, with its resources and support lead families to a better place. We have been told by society that it’s not possible to have close relationships during the adolescent years, but this is simply not true. Your family can thrive! Start with One Rule Home today!


This eye-opening Book takes you inside the mind of your kid, guiding you through the process of reaching your kid’s heart and retuning the influence that is needed to see the changes you hoped to see in your kids.

Lessons through stories and research provide the background needed to understand your kid and the status of their heart.


The One Rule Home Study & Implementation Guide dives deeper into the process helping parents focus on the changes that need to happen to reach their kids’ hearts.

The implementation process guides you through a step-by-step process to restore your ability to communicate effectively with your child and to improve the family’s culture. changes you hoped to see in your kids. Lessons through stories and research provide the background needed to understand your kid and the status of their heart.


Our One Rule Home Academy’s, Blog Posts, Pod Casts, and course reinforcing what parents are learning and provides additional

Parent support zoom meetings assure that you can get your questions answered and the advice you need to make the changes needed to reach your kid’s heart.

About the organization ReviveFamily was founded to fund and further the mission of One Rule Home, our non-profit devoted to bringing hope and healing to parents and kids.