The One Rule Home Process

How we help parents who are concerned about their kids escape from worry, frustration or hopelessness, see confidence, harmony and lasting change in their kid’s life. Having trouble believing this is even possible?

Our process is proven to lead to real lasting change!

‘What’s Really Causing My Kids
Bad Behavior’ helps parents
consider factors overlooked by
most parenting experts. These
hidden factors lead to many of
our kid’s behavior problems.
This book will help you
evaluate what’s going on with
your kid and what you can do
to make a difference. Get this
book for free if you schedule a
Child Behavioral Analysis. After
reading the book, if you decide
you need help to reach your
kid, consider our guided online

Parenting experts often give advice and tools on (related to correcting) our kid’s bad behavior. We help parents address the root cause of their kid’s behavior issues, so we can (end the exhausting process of constantly correcting our kids).

Millions of parents around the world struggle with the same things:
Anger, outbursts, motivation and screentime issues. Grades, hiding in their rooms. disrespect, lying. Depression, anxiety, self-harm and eating disorders. We read books, listen to podcasts, follow experts, hire counselors, but little seems to change. Are you ready to shine a light on what is actually causing your kid’s bad behavior, so you can finally get back to enjoying them?

Then you’re in the right place. 75% of parents who complete our guided course see their kids change without a counselor.

Mentoring and Healing Process

Sometimes kids or families require a
more personalized approach. After
the course, if you find yourself in need
of more support, half of the course
cost is credited toward kid and or
family coaching.

Over 20 years we’ve discovered four
levels of healing are needed to create
lasting change: Emotional Wounds,
Stored Trauma, and conscious and
unconscious beliefs. To see how
these four levels can change
everything for you and your family, click to learn more.

Over 75% of the parents who complete our Leading With Love coaching package see their kids’ lives turned around without needing a counselor.


Grab our free book What’s Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior?

How many times has this question buzzed around in your mind? If you’re like most parents, at times you’ve probably thrown up your hands in frustration wishing there was some way you could find the answers.

You’re not alone: Author Jeff Schadt was in the same predicament himself, so he set out to find those answers the parenting experts couldn’t give him by talking with 3,000 kids and teens.

What he discovered turned everything he thought he knew about parenting on its head!

Jeff doesn’t want to keep this a secret, so he’s giving away his book, What’s Really Causing My Kid’s Bad Behavior? as a free download to every parent who takes our free One Rule Home Child Concern Index. (CCI)

Reading this book and taking the CCI will help you identify the roots below your kids struggles and behavior challenges.

What’s this Child Concern Index? Keep reading and learn more below …


Take our free Child Concern Index

Our patented One Rule Home Child Concern Index (CCI) is like an MRI scan – it reveals the real roots of your child’s problems by evaluating your situation, along with the behaviors and struggles you’re encountering with your child.

So, how does this Child Concern Index work? It’s a powerful online assessment engine that costs you nothing. It takes just 10 to 12 minutes to complete and returns a concern index with recommendations in a personalized 15 - 20 page report that will help you understand the specific roots underlying your individual child’s challenges.

When you complete the Child Concern Index, you’ll get instant access to the belief-shifting insights in Jeff’s book What's Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior? The Child Concern Index and book are based upon Jeff Schadt’s 20 years of experience helping parents target the roots below their kids' struggles and behavior issues as well as his research with 3,000 kids. All to help you target the roots in your kid’s life rather than whacking away at the surface leading to frustration and concern like it did for Jeff.

Combined, the Child Concern Index and What's Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior? will be like turning on a light in a dark room allowing you to get past the unknown so you can determine how much, if any, concern you should have, and what you can do to help your child. (In fact the CCI is so detailed, you’ll wonder why we don’t bill you the $60 to $200 other providers charge for similar assessments.)


Join a Leading With Love coaching cohort

75% of the parents who complete this Leading With Love coaching cohort program begin to enjoy their kids again as they see turnaround without the need of a counselor. During this 20-week program, you’ll spend an hour-and-a-half a week with a coach who will apply what you’re learning to your specific situation and guide you to address the roots of your child's struggles and behavior issues.

Today, it can be lonely as a parent. But you don’t have to do it alone. Join our positive, safe community in a cohort of 6 to 10 families who are facing similar issues themselves, as you learn and grow together. We find that parents begin to encourage one another and build lifelong friendships as they journey together to become One Rule Homes.

Together you’ll participate in a highly interactive online program that has a mixture of video-based learning, exercises, and reflection that fits around your schedule.

Best of all, in the final 8 weeks of the cohort you’ll be guided through the implementation process that will heal the relationship with your kid and lead to inside-out transformation without the challenges you have been facing.

Leading with Love will change the way you see your kids and their issues – as well as leading to lasting internal change. We’re so confident that we back it up with our unique No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee.


Personalized mentoring and healing process

In the event that the Leading With Love coaching program doesn't get you to the breakthrough you’re yearning for, we want you to know ahead of time that we won’t abandon you. We have your back. Under our unique No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee, we’ll credit half of your investment in the Leading With Love coaching program towards our personal mentoring and healing process for your child or family if someone in your family pursues personal mentoring and healing.. Learn more about this personal mentoring and healing process at our non-profit site

whats really causing my kid's bad behavior

Get your free copy of our eye opening and illuminating book  What’s Really Causing My Kids Bad Behavior when you take our patented Child Concern Index  It’s online, it’s free, and it takes just 10-12 minutes … but when you receive your 15 to 20-page custom report scoring the risk factors you’re facing and recommending the best path forward with your kid, you’ll wonder why we’re not charging for it when other providers charge $60 to $200 for theirs.

Free Book: What’s Really Causing My Kids Bad Behavior

Get ready for mind blowing realizations and revelations! What’s Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior? will take you on an eye-opening journey to discover the real roots that hide below the surface of our kid’s bad behavior. In fact, you’ll be surprised  to find how  many of them are completely unknown to many of today’s parenting experts. You see, our research with kids and work with thousands of families uncovered the startling fact that there are 6 specific factors hiding behind our kid’s behavior issues and struggles. 

Hi, I’m the author, Jeff Schadt, and I can tell you, as a parent, I was not equipped to drill down to the roots of what was actually causing my kids bad behavior – especially that of my oldest. She was defensive, disrespectful, and just lying all the time. I read all the books. I listened to podcasts until my ears bled. I ran to the parenting experts. I tried everything, but nothing changed. She and I were still locked in a downward spiral.

As she slipped further from me, I figured that, since no one else seemed to have the answers, it was up to me to find them. This was why I began doing face-to-face research with over 3,000 kids and pursued studies at a master’s degree level. This led me to start Revive Family, and One Rule Home while pursuing my own healing so I could  become the dad my daughter needed. It was a long journey, but it brought me to a totally different understanding of what was really causing my kid’s bad behavior – and to a wonderful place as a father!

So if you’re like I was, and you’re scratching your head wondering, “What really is causing my kid’s bad behavior?”, well click here to take our free One Rule Home Child Concern Index assessment and you’ll get a download link to get my book, What’s Really Causing My Kid’s Bad Behavior, when you’re done. Read it, and you’ll really understand the root causes of those behaviors that are driving you crazy with your kids.

Leading With Love Coaching Cohort: Changing Our Kids From The Inside OutJoin other parents like you in this powerful 20-week program where you will spend 90 minutes a week interacting around your situation and challenges with Jeff Schadt or another amazing certified coach. They’ll help you learn to target the roots in your kids' lives as you participate in an online program with a mixture of video-based learning, exercises, and reflection that fits around your schedule. Your coach will help you apply what you’re learning to your specific family situation. We promise it will change the way you see your kids and their issues – and we’re so confident that we back up this promise with our unique No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee.

Ready to start turning your child's life around?

What you'll learn:

  • Just how much the hidden 9/10 of the ‘iceberg’ of our kids' subconscious controls their behavior – and the jiu jitsu-style move you can use to leverage that subconscious to create inside-out change leading to lasting positive behavioral improvements.
  • The ‘escape button’ you can punch to break out of a negative relationship ‘death spiral’.
  • How to get ‘x-ray vision’ to identify the hidden root causes of your kid’s behavioral issues and struggles (and to discover the techniques you need to change them).
  • How your kids’ ‘hyper-emotional’ nature that makes battles with them so incredibly exhausting can be flipped to become your ally leading to peace, closeness and change.
  • How the expectations you’re loading on your kids actually make them feel – and the unexpected impact these expectations end up having.
  • A radical reframing of the meanings of ‘respect’, ‘discipline’, and ‘trust’ that will transform your relationship with your kid and make them want to listen to you and involve you in their lives – even if ‘respectful’, ‘disciplined’, and ‘trustworthy’ is the opposite of how your child is right now.
  • The tools to help your kids build confidence and conquer internal negativity, so that their motivation, growth, and maturity start to grow like never before.
  • The counter-intuitive secret to handling bad behavior in your kids’ lives that will actually draw them closer to you – and even cause them to spontaneously learn, grow, and change on their own. (Hint: it has nothing to do with traditional parenting tactics.)

What will I get?

  • A genuinely positive experience that won't make you feel worse about yourself (which is the unfortunate – and little-known – side-effect of many parenting books.)
  • An interactive, immersive experience combining 30 hours with a coach with text, illustrations, exercises, animations, videos, and thoughtfully developed questions that help you get to the root of the behavior issues you’re experiencing with your child.
  • The books ‘The One Rule Home’ and ‘I’m Checking Out On My Parents’.
  • 18 modules with over 10 hours of content written and narrated by One Rule Home founder and parenting expert Jeff Schadt.
  • You and the other parents in your small-group cohort will cover this step-by-step over 12 weeks, during which you’ll spend 18 hours with your coach on Zooms where you can ask difficult questions and get advice and counsel for the specific scenarios you’re dealing with.
  • Then you’ll have another 12 hours with your coach to work through your printable Implementation Guide – a step-by-step process to bring a ‘One Rule Home’ to life with your family. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a printable Journal where you’ll record what you want to get from each lesson to reach your child, and what are the changes you desire to make as a result of what you learned.

How do I know this will work?

  • 75% of the parents who complete the course and apply it SEE THEIR KIDS TURN AROUND WITHOUT NEEDING A COUNSELOR.
  • We’ve had parents who have sent their kids to 3, 4, or even 5+ different counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists see kids with issues like anxiety and even depression turn around within 6 to 9 months of starting the Leading With Love coaching program.
  • We stand behind this program! You won’t find anything like our No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee anywhere else.

Need more? Intensive Coaching Personal 1-to-1 Coaching

Are either of these applicable to you and your family?

  • You’ve been through the Leading With Love coaching program, doing the work and applying what you’ve learned, but your child isn’t one of the over 75% of participants for whom the group coaching is enough.
  • Your child or family are experiencing serious problems or have participated in counseling but you’re still at your wits’ end despite your attempts to find solutions.

If either of these resonate, then our mentoring and healing process with a 1-to-1 coach is your answer to finding freedom!  The reason’s very simple: when relationships are strained or broken, it often requires outside help to break through the hurt, misunderstandings, and assumptions we have built up about each other. On top of that, we often need help to reestablish the sense of safety and trust that leads to healthy communication – the kind of communication which opens the door to having genuine influence in our kids’ lives. 

If you’re in a crisis situation with a child or a spouse, be assured that our mentoring and healing process approaches things very differently than counseling.  It’s a defined process that leverages both internal and external resources with the flexibility to target the often unconscious roots that drive counterproductive thoughts, beliefs, vows, communication and behavior. 

Why does it work so well? It was forged from 20 years of constant research, study, and the integration of different elements of healing that, when brought together, bring freedom and peace even to those situations psychology tells us cannot be healed.

How is this possible? The process addresses the four levels of healing that our founder, Jeff Schadt, discovered in his healing journey were required to bring about internal freedom and organic change.

 To truly heal we must address:

  • Unconscious thoughts and feelings that drive 95% of decisions and behaviors.
  • Cognitive thought patterns and habits that have developed based on unconscious thoughts and feelings.
  • Stored trauma within the amygdala and body.
  • The emotional side of healing.

Yes, it’s a holistic, integrated approach that involves mind, body, and heart. Psychology acknowledges the role spirituality plays in our ability to heal depression, anxiety, and more, yet doesn’t have the framework to integrate it into therapy. But we do! We integrate powerful spiritual components into our coaching process to help surface those 95% of thoughts and emotions that hide in the unconscious. This is how we target the actual roots of the problems to bring deep inner healing and genuine freedom.

All of this has grown out of Jeff’s personal journey. Jeff encountered a deep sense of not being good enough stemming from his childhood and dyslexia.  His dad moved up the corporate ladder quickly, so being an introvert and very shy, moving 3 times in five years, he found himself lost and out of place. It was at this time he was taken advantage of by an older boy scout and was molested when he was 11. All this set him up to be driven.  So driven, in fact, that he told his college entrance counselor college was a 4 year waste of time on his way to making lots of money.

All this left him alone and vulnerable to falling for the wrong person – which Jeff did.  So he ended up in a relationship that destroyed his confidence as it degenerated, ending up with him becoming a victim of domestic violence.  That’s something it’s hard for a man to admit unless they’re healed. 

All of these experiences forced Jeff to dig deeper and deeper to find the freedom and healing he saw promised in the Bible, but was not seeing anyone actually experience..

He just wouldn’t stop in his pursuit to be free of depression, unhealthy codependency, and the horrible side effects of being a victim of the sexual misconduct he had experienced as a kid and that haunted his life. 

He found self help books and multiple counselors pointing out pieces of the puzzle and other things that needed to be addressed, but they didn’t tie together and often they didn’t have answers. People like the psychologist who told Jeff he had negative core beliefs, but when Jeff asked how to get rid of them he was just told to be positive about himself.  Jeff tried and failed – but it only convinced him further and deep within his unconscious that there was something wrong with him.

Fortunately, he didn’t quit, and parents began asking him to help with their kids because he understood them better than the counselors they were seeing. Jeff eventually relented and began taking all the pieces and parts he had discovered and assembling them into a powerful but challenging process that started setting kids free from anxiety, depression, anger issues, rage, cutting and even suicidal thoughts,

Parents were stunned at just how fast their kids began to lighten, brighten, and change. Motivation issues vanished. Anger and fear – gone.  Frustrating behaviors were quickly eliminated. Even kids who were encountering depression and suicidal thoughts found freedom in months, not years and years. Parents started asking for help with their marriages and their entire families. (That’s how our Family Reboot Intensives got started!)

This mentoring and healing process is defined, it makes sense, and it brings healing to things psychology believes can’t be healed – including emotional shutdown, dissociation, personality splits, and even narcissism. 

It goes well beyond what faith-based healing events, conferences, and sessions offer in such obvious and profound ways. In fact, you know it’s profound when others can be trained to do it and have the same outcomes.

So whether you have much less – or even more – damage than Jeff, this process works. If you are looking to get rid of defensiveness, put your marriage back together or rescue a struggling kid, check out our mentoring and healing process at Revive our non-profit healing arm, and schedule a call to talk to Jeff or another amazing Revive Family certified coach .

(This initial call is $10, but you can get it for free if you take our free, patented One Rule Home Child Concern Index (CCI) assessment first.)

On the call, we’ll answer your questions, explain the four levels of healing in detail, and talk about your personal situation. Our goals on this call are to help you determine if we’re the right fit, and then to identify the best place for you and your family to start your journey to freedom and healing.

Take this as an encouragement: there is hope for real healing and freedom. Those recurring behavior issues that rob families of love, joy, peace, and patience really can end.