‘The One Rule Home’ Book

Are you concerned, frustrated or losing hope?  Are repeated behavior patterns leading to distance in the relationship or conflict with your child?

Jeff Schadt’s earth shattering research with 3,000 kids will change the way you see the problem, your kid, and your faith.

If traditional answers aren’t working this book’s gripping stories, research, and biblical insights will enable you to break through with your kid.

So many parenting books come to similar conclusions. NOT THE ONE RULE HOME!!!  If you do not find the insights compelling, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

If your losing hope, do not delay, there are answers that bring real hope and real healing for your relationship and the life of your kid.


This book has 310 pages, includes key concepts and reflection questions.


My wife and I have read many parenting books but none of them impacted us like this. I am constantly looking for shepherding moments instead of getting on my kids for something! It has made a difference in how they respond. From a Pastor’s point of view, this has healthy relationships written all over it! Healthy individuals make up healthy relationships… they also make healthy churches! Pastors should be jumping all over this!!!

Mike McGinnes – Senior Pastor

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    This book has changed the way I interact with people of all ages. This material will give you the Shepherd’s perspective with everyone you encounter. You’ll see immediate results in your kids, Co-workers, spouse, everyone!

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