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Concerned About Your Kid?

We all wish our kids came with a manual. From bedtimes to outbursts, homework to high school, parents face new situations daily. Parenting books and experts offer quick fixes that sound good ... until you try them with your kid.

The problem? There are hidden roots below your kid's struggles and behavior issues, and parents aren't equipped to address them.

Discover the roots of your kids' behavior issues and struggles by taking our Child Concern Index (CCI), a powerful assessment tool. Upon completion you'll receive a detailed CCI report unique to your situation and our eye-opening companion book, "What's Really Causing My Kid's Bad Behavior?"

Learn More about CCI

Learn More About CCI

Our patented Child Concern Index (CCI) will evaluate your situation as well as the behavior and struggles you are encountering with your kids. The CCI will guide you toward the best path forward for you and your kids based on your unique situation. In just 7 minutes this free assessment will return a custom 10- to 20-page report that will help you understand what’s really going on with your kid, and practical next steps you can take right away to see improvements.

Its insights and answers will have you wondering why we’re not charging for it when other providers charge $50 to $200 for theirs. As a bonus you'll also receive our illuminating and eye-opening book, "What's Really Causing My Kid's Bad Behavior."

Together the CCI and Book will help you identify the roots of your concerns with your child.

Take Our Free Child Concern Index

Our patented One Rule Home Child Concern Index (CCI) is like an MRI scan – it reveals the real roots of your child’s problems by evaluating your situation, along with the behaviors and struggles you’re encountering with your child.

So, how does this Child Concern Index work? It’s a powerful online assessment engine that costs you nothing. It takes just 10 to 12 minutes to complete and returns a concern index with recommendations along with a personalized 15 - 20 page report that will help you understand the specific roots underlying your individual child’s challenges.

When you complete the Child Concern Index, you’ll get instant access to the belief-shifting insights in Jeff’s book What's Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior?. The CCI and book are based upon Jeff Schadt’s 20 years of experience helping parents target the roots below their kids' struggles and behavior issues as well as his research with 3,000 kids. All to help you target the roots in your kid’s life rather than whacking away at the surface leading to frustration and concern like it did for Jeff.

Combined the CCI and What's Really Causing My Kids’ Bad Behavior? will be like turning on a light in a dark room allowing you to get past the unknown so you can determine how much, if any, concern you should have and what you can do to help your child. (In fact the CCI is so detailed, you’ll wonder why we don’t bill you the $60 to $200 other providers charge for similar assessments.)

whats really causing my kid's bad behavior

Your Concerns Are So Common Today:

But there is hope! Our research with over 3,000 kids and teens has helped us crack the code to address those concerns. Click on the concern you're dealing with to discover our paradigm-shifting perspective for each one.


Outbursts (Anger/Tears)

Lying and Hiding

Motivation Issues

Sibling Conflict



Imagine Enjoying Being A Family

Maybe it seems like a stretch right now, but we’ve seen enough families heal that we know what God can do. So, take a moment to dream with us – beyond just fixing your kids.

Instead of crises and fight-or-flight responses, you’re talking together. Enjoying Friday pizza-and-movie night. Playing frisbee in the backyard. Chatting and laughing together while talking about things that really matter.

Amazingly, this isn’t just your dream: It’s your kid’s dream, too!

Even if it doesn't seem like it, our research with 3,000 kids found that every child, preteen and teen wanted to be close to their parents – but they didn’t know how to get there. And, we’ll let you into another secret here: it’s these internal desires that will be the greatest tools for change when you learn to lead with love.

Enjoy Time With Your Children Again

Over 75% of the parents who participate in our Leading with Love Coaching package are able to see their kids turn around without a counselor.

Leading With Love Coaching Cohort

Experience the joy of seeing your kids make huge strides as we guide you through a learning and practical implementation process that will:

  • Draw your kids closer to you
  • Target the roots in your kids lives
  • Lead to inside out change that lasts

During this 20-week program, you’ll spend an hour-and-a-half a week with a coach who will apply what you’ve been learning to your specific situation and guide you as you address the roots of your child's struggles and behavior issues in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Leading with Love Foundation Coaching

We have not been taught to target the roots below our kids' behavior. Join a small group of parents facing similar issues and allow Jeff Schadt or another certified coach to help you turn things around. Your coach will answer your questions, discuss your situation, and provide direct insights for reaching your kids in weekly 90 minute zooms. In a safe, positive environment parents learn from each other and begin to encourage and support one another, often developing lifelong friendships, on their journey to becoming a One Rule Home.

Phase 2: Leading with Love: Changing Your Kids From the Inside Out Course

Our groundbreaking, engaging and fun course uses stories, animations, and interactive exercises to help you target the roots of what’s really causing your kid’s bad behavior, in a way that will engage your mind, warm your heart and prepare you to Lead with Love.

Phase 3: Leading with Love Implementation Coaching

It’s one thing to take a course, It’s another to make it work at home with real kids. We get that. Which is why in phase 3 we walk with you through an implementation process that will draw your kids back to you and motivate them to participate in transforming your family into a loving caring home.

Money Back Guarantee

Our Leading with Love Cohort carries a No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee. Learn More

No Family Left Behind Double Guarantee

Guarantee #1: Try it for free! Get to the end of session 6 in Phase 2 of our Leading With Love coaching package and decide this is not for you -- no problem! We'll buy back your investment in full, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: Grants you credit towards individual coaching! If you complete the Leading With Love Coaching Cohort and find someone in your family needs more help we'll credit half of your original investment towards our personalized mentoring and healing process.

I’m Jeff Schadt, Author of One Rule Home

I’ve been in your shoes: My daughter wasn’t even 9, but she was struggling – and the books and podcasts I looked to for answers didn’t help one bit. So, I spent 20 years conducting qualitative research with over 3,000 kids (and earned a Master's degree to boot) just to crack the code.

What I discovered was absolutely profound, and it changed everything with my nine-year-old and my three other kids!

Hear more through Jeff's media apperances:

Sounds too good to be true? Let's Talk

Schedule a call with me or one of our coaches. If you don’t find the call enlightening and helpful we’ll send you a $10 cash card. We’re that confident that the call will offer you some hope.

Jeff Schadt Founder, Author and Senior Coach

Jeff started seeking answers in 2005, resulting in authoring five books based upon his research with thousands of kids. This led to holding hundreds of seminars for parents. At these events parents saw Jeff’s love for kids and parents leading to them pleading with him to help their struggling kids. Soon Jeff was seeing kids facing issues as serious as rage, suicidal thoughts and self-harm turn around in as little as 6 months. He loves helping kids more than anything, but found that helping parents was vital to seeing kids thrive, succeed and make good decisions today and in their future. He used everything he teaches with his own kids first and saw amazing results. Jeff is positive and caring as he helps parents adopt counterculture methods that cause kids to want to follow and listen to their parents rather than have to or else! Jeff has served as the Vice President, President or CEO of three different companies and possesses a masters degree in leadership.

Meet Coach

Heston Glenn Family and Healing Coach

Heston and his wife Celeste had been seeking answers for almost 10 years when they found Jeff Schadt. Facing issues with their own kids, including symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, ODD and precursors to self-harm, they were desperate. In mere months working with Jeff in Leading with Love coaching delivered their family from all this and so much more. Six months into their journey, Jeff saw Heston's skills and background in business consulting and psychology, along with the changes they were seeing in their home with their own kids, and invited them to be trained as One Rule Home coaches. Given the years of searching for answers and the shocking changes they were seeing with their kids they accepted completing training to become Leading with Love coach. Jeff, Heston and Celeste talk almost daily about the kids and families they are helping. Heston and Celeste’s kindness and care are noted by everyone they work with. Heston wanted to have the relationship with his kids that he hadn’t been able to have as a kid, but he didn’t know how to be a good dad. He vacillated between being highly relational and highly rules focused confusing his children.

Meet Coach

Celeste Glenn Coach-in-Training

Celeste and her husband Heston had been seeking answers for almost 10 years when they found Jeff Schadt. Facing issues with her own kids, including symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, ODD and precursors to self-harm, she was desperate. Celeste battled feeling like a failure as a mom and became too hard on herself. In mere months, Jeff's Leading with Love coaching had her in a better place with her kids and herself. In fact she credits learning to love herself more as a key to connecting more deeply with her kids. Jeff saw Celeste’s heart and desire to help other parents experience what she had and invited her to be trained as a One Rule Home coach. Given the years of searching for answers and the shocking changes she was seeing with her kids she accepted training to become Leading with Love coaches. Jeff, Heston and Celeste talk almost daily about the kids and families they are helping. Celeste’s kindness and care are noted by everyone she works with. Celeste’s research has been published in scholarly journals and she holds a master’s in math.

Meet Coach

Lives Changed

What if the frustrations you’re dealing with aren’t your fault?

What if our problems with our kids are actually due to a faulty approach to parenting that has been around so long that we can’t even question it anymore?  

Consider this: While science, education, medicine, nutrition….. just about everything has made radical advancements over the last 200 hundred years, parenting advice and approaches have only made minor shifts!  

Jeff and Media Who am I

I’m a dad who had a struggling nine-year-old daughter. I found that the things I was reading and listening to were not working.  So I spent 20 years conducting qualitative research with over 3,000 kids to crack the code!  What I found changed everything with my nine year old who was defensive, argumentative, and would not admit anything without a lengthy battle. Even better, it worked with all four of my very different kids.

On this journey, I secured a master’s in Leadership as well as theology, and parents call me “the kid whisperer.” Get to know me better by listening to my interviews.

Featured On

What if there actually is a better way to parent your child? A way that targets the roots underneath, draws them closer to you, gets them to open up, and motivates them to change on their own? What if there was a way to parent that actually led to genuine change?

The Answer

On this journey, I discovered what’s really causing our kid’s bad behavior, and it’s not what we have been taught to believe: their attitude, defiance, disrespect, or temptations.

It’s much deeper than these things.

Below our kid’s frustrating behaviors, there are roots that must be addressed for lasting change to occur. Today a majority of parenting experts tell us to “chop the top off the weed” (the bad behavior and decisions we see) with pressure, expectations, lectures, boundaries, or consequences. What happens when we do? Conflict!

And often the weed comes back. We may gain compliance, but at what cost? Peace, our close connection with our kids, and the true influence we had in our kid’s lives.

Why as parents have we not been told or taught to address the roots below our kid’s frustrating behavior, motivation issues, and struggles?

This is where we can help.

Schedule a call and you will receive ‘What’s Really Causing My Kids Bad Behavior?’ free.  

Read the first two chapters now to see why scheduling a call and getting this book will help you understand what’s going on beneath the surface with your kid, and how to create lasting change in your kid’s life.

Learning how to get below the surface with your kid and target the roots makes such a difference!

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