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Find success and family harmony through our updated One Rule Home parenting course! If you are ready to experience a new way of parenting that will change your family forever you are in the right place.

This interactive and powerful course, when paired with our implementation process, brings understanding, peace and most importantly love, back into your home.



Join 1000’s of Parents who have found success and family harmony through our Influential Parenting Academy. If you are looking for a new way to approach parenting that ends the battles and builds the relationship, giving you more influence in your kids life, do not delay. Start today! It will change your heart drawing your kids back to you!

  • The One Rule Home parenting academy contains twenty-one short (7 to 14 minute) sessions
  • Provides a chapterized audio download (MP3) making it possible to learn on the go
  • Offers an implementation guide that draws our kids into the change

This powerful program will bring understanding, peace and most importantly love, back into your home.

Comparable programs like Total Transformation, Grace Based Parenting, and Love and Logic:

  • They cost between $190 and $385
  • Point back to a dated Boundaries and Consequences approach

We’ve found that such dated approaches lead to frustration and defensiveness in our kids.  This prevents real learning and growth in their decision making and emotional maturity.  We offer a better solution.  One that leads to more mature, responsible kids at younger ages!  Adolescence does not have to be the time of difficulty we have been lead to believe!

So what do you have to lose? I guarantee you will not feel as if you wasted your time!


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