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We can be the difference in our kid’s life if we consider a different approach.

Every kid we talked to during the research wanted to succeed and please their parents until disappointment, unresolved issues, emotional distance and internal negativity squashed these inherent desires.

  • Unresolved issues with parents along with falling short of expectations leave many kids negative about themselves deep within.
  • Our kids are not aware of the negativity and it’s impact on their relationships, motivation and decisions
  • Hiding from parents or defensiveness and over reactions are frequently the outcome of internal negativity undermining the relationship
  • The One Rule Home Book and Implementation Guide, blogs and podcasts offer the information and answers parents needed to reverse this outcome
  • The Reach Your Kid’s heart zooms allow parents to interact with Jeff around their child and how to adjust their approach to reach their heart
  • These group calls enable parents to learn from other parents’ questions and successes in a safe, encouraging environment

One Rule Home Academy Includes

We love our kids and want them to succeed. Many parents struggle to believe that their kids have a deep desire to be close to them and to please them given what they are seeing in their homes. Want this to change?

The One Rule Home Academy will help you understand and build a deeper relationship with your kid resulting in the positive influence you have always desired to have with your kids. We will help you reach your kid’s heart and establish the platform for internally motivated change.

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The One Rule Home Book, audio book and Implementation Guide

Together these resources will help you see your kid’s issue in a different transformational light and give you a road map to break the cycle you and your child are stuck in

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Over 100 blogs and 90 podcasts cover topics parents need to address in a fashion consistent with the powerful One Rule Home approach

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Influential Parenting Online Course

This course reinforces key lessons and adds elements that will help you target the internal desire of your kids to succeed, please you and to change

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Reaching Your Kid's Heart Zoom Support Session

Join other parents on weekly support Zoom meetings with Jeff Schadt and Diane Gamlem for 6 months to gain insights, ask questions and receive advice related to your situation

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