‘Succeed’ DVD series


If you are like most parents, you are concerned about the decisions your kids will make when they leave home!

Succeed addresses all the issues that college freshman told Jeff Schadt they were unprepared for when they left home. Every High school senior believed leaving home would be easy. The vast majority of College students said the transition was much harder than they expected.

Succeed brings these topics up through powerful college student videos and content opening your kids eyes to the downsides of freedom.

Parents report having amazing and sometimes life changing discussions with their kids after watching Succeed with their high school students. It’s never too early to help you high school student reevaluate their decisions.

You have invested years into getting your kid ready for college, spend a couple of hours helping ensure they do well in the transition. Today 28% of college freshman do not make it through their freshman year and only 30 who start a degree complete it. Do not let your kid become part of the statistics!

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This 2-disc, 8-session preparation series is based upon YTN’s extensive research with students and addresses the issues college students said they wish they had been ready for!  Each DVD session runs approximately 35 minutes and begins with college student videos from the research interviews that opens our kid’s eyes to the challenges ahead.

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